10 Ways To Ensure The Best Quote On Event Rental Drapery

Dramatic backdrops, curtains and drapes transform a space and make an event extra special. Here are 10 ways to make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your rental drapery buck.

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When you’re planning a special event or trade show, rental drapery gives you all you need to transform a space from drab to dynamic. A creative fabric environment can set a mood or convey a theme, all while providing you with practical benefits to help you define a space.


While buying fabric may make sense if you’re planning on repeated use or are using the material in a permanent installation like an in-house stage backdrop, rental drapery is the perfect option for short-term use. In addition to greater flexibility and choice, you also are afforded greater cost savings and efficiencies.


That said, because there are such a wide range of materials available, your fabric budget can vary dramatically. It makes sense to plan carefully to keep your expenses to a minimum while you maximize the impact of the fabrics you choose for your event.


Here are 10 smart ways to ensure you get the best quote on drapery, a backdrop or panels:

1. Get clear on the purpose your rental drapery serves.

Fabrics can serve a wide variety of functions, from being purely decorative to providing essential functions including dividing up a large space, providing light and acoustic control, or offering privacy. 


Keep in mind that sometimes your rental drapery will be playing double duty. For example, you may want a dramatic ceiling draping for a wedding or other celebration, and sheer voile is an ethereal, beautiful choice. But let’s say it’s a daytime event in a tent, and you want your ceiling draping to help block out the bright afternoon light. In that case, a more opaque fabric may make more sense. 


If you want rental drapery that offers multiple benefits, then the most versatile include simple black masking or “banjo” cloth in assorted colors. These fabrics offer you a range of styles, finishes, weights and visual aesthetics to choose from. Ideal for pipe pocket draperies and skirting and backdrops, among other uses, they are extremely durable, help block sound and light, and tend to be extremely cost effective.

2. Understand your venue, space requirements, and local regulations.

There’s an art and a science to figuring out exactly how much rental drape you need. Be sure to get an accurate floor plan with detailed dimensions for the room, stage or booth that you’re decorating. Also, consider whether or not you will need to cordon off areas using pipe and drape kits. 


While you’re at it, be sure to check with the venue about regulations related to flame retardancy. The rules can vary between states or even at a local level. When in doubt, your fabric rental company can help advise you on how to proceed, and should be able to help you if you need a Certificate of Flame Retardancy for a particular venue.

3. Consider all your options for types of rental drapes.

The options for rental drapery are literally endless — so while you may have a specific look in mind, there may be multiple options for materials to choose from. 

Let’s say, for example, you want a glitzy backdrop for a performance. You may picture a sequined fabric, but don’t stop there… white LED star drops on a rich, dark velvet background may be the more dramatic and appropriate choice.

4. Be sure to factor in set-up and tear-down.

Fabric rental makes your life easy on multiple levels, up to an including if you need your vendor to assist with load in, installation and load out. Make sure you have those costs included in your budget. And if you have a limited amount to spend, consider a simple pipe and drape rental that will make it easy for you to handle transporting, installation and set-up and strike yourself.

5. Double check all your logistics.

Be sure to communicate the location of your venue and specific event dates to your fabric rental vendor. This may sound elementary, but a wrong address or date can result in rush or rerouting charges. It’s always smart to double or even triple check your information. 


Also, some venues have a permanent fabric backdrop on site, and that may save some rental fees. It’s always worth asking.

6. Don’t skimp on your build-out.

Depending on the occasion, you might need more than just a day to set up your space. Even if your fabric is being used as a backdrop, you may need it sooner rather than later. Be sure to factor in build-out time; you may need your fabric rental to start several days before the event to allow time to set-up your space. (Tear down is usually much faster.)

7. Be proactive about returning your rental drapery.

Speaking of striking your set-up, it’s easy to pack up and forget to return your rentals. Don’t make that mistake, as if you miss your return date, there may be a penalty. If you legitimately need more time, just let the Dazian team know. The best thing about rental drapery is that all you need to do is return them in reasonably good condition. We can take care of cleaning and packing them for storage. 

8. Have a pro review your event plan to be sure your rental drapery and/or pipe and drape estimate is accurate.

You may be an experienced event planner, but it’s always a good idea to ask a professional during your planning process. This is one of the best ways to be sure you’re ordering just what you need, so that you don’t end up short (and needing to pay rush fees for more) or with too much. That person can also double check your final order, in case you made changes to the specifications and forgot to factor them in. 

9. Take how much fullness you want into consideration.

Fullness is extra fabric used at the width of your curtain, which can be bunched up as opposed to hanging flat, adding a polished look along with depth of field and sound and light absorption. 

Most often you’ll want around 50- to 75% fullness (1½ times the fabric width), depending on the fabric. If you’re working with a super sheer rental drape, you may want it as high as around 200% (approximately 4 times the width). Ask your vendor to help you estimate your rental order based on fullness. Or, you can use this simple formula.

10. Share your budget constraints with your vendor.

Your rental drapery vendor is your partner in creating an extraordinary event — and in ensuring you have an excellent experience. Here at Dazian, we have a wealth of information and a lot of creative know-how to help you maximize your budget while still bringing your artistic vision to life. 


Rental drapery is a versatile, effective way to dress up any space. If you have questions, just give us a shout! The Dazian team has deep, varied experience setting up pipe and drape environments for everything from weddings to trade shows, and corporate events to private parties and religious events. 


We’re your fabric partners behind the curtain, and always here to help you get exactly what you need, for a price you can afford.

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