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As social restrictions begin to loosen throughout the country, more people are discovering, modifying, and creating new ways to reconnect, and entertain. Check out how Event Planners and Designers are able to comply with local regulations while continuing to provide unique products and services that are the cornerstone of Social Events. Yes, it is still possible during this challenging time to create a safe and successful Event Experience.


As most indoor movie theatres remain closed or limited on capacity, many movie-goers are discovering creative ways to experience that cinema joy. From transforming their backyard or patio into a private screening room, to attending a pop-up drive-in theatre happening at parking lots and fairgrounds across the country. No matter the venue, we have a fabric projection screen solution for you. Our line of ProjecTex® Projection Fabrics provides outdoor projection fabrics in wide-widths suited for all needs; front and rear projection, blackout, stretch and mesh. Our custom fabrication services can sew a screen to your specifications. Fabric Projection Screens are quick to manufacture, cost effective (compared to vinyl screens), durable, and flexible. So, whether you are looking to create a cozy, intimate backyard theatre, or produce a temporary drive-in experience, we have the fabrics and services to support you.


Vacant parking lots are the new arenas for live concert performances. They are the largest, most unobstructive and developed land that can support these ‘view-from-your-car’ shows. Though the venue maybe a bit unconventional, the stages and needs remain the same. For decades Dazian is the go-to source for stage fabrics, curtain hardware, custom and rental drapery. From blackout, sound absorbent drapery, to backdrops, curtain tracks and kabuki drops, to light diffusion, masking, and projection fabrics. In addition, our custom fabric graphics are used to create branding and advertising opportunities and in the overall design of the stage. We supply stage, A/V, production companies and design professionals with the products they rely on to execute, no matter the stage size or location.

Weddings + Socials

Nearly all weddings and social events at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Spring and early Summer were either canceled or postponed. It wasn’t until recently that they were given the green light in many states and counties, with the understanding that they must adhere to strict safety protocols. However, with all these restrictions your design shouldn’t be one of them. Now more than ever the importance to continue these celebrated, traditional events are highly valued and desired. Our line of Rental Drapery offers a wide collection of fabrics, colors and styles that can be used temporarily outdoors or inside tents. These drapes are used to create and define areas, mask structures and walls, or used as backdrops and décor. From simple pipe and drape, to elegant tent ceiling treatments, covers and décor, no job is too small for your big day.

Drive-Thru Events

Our cars are now the front row seats to most live outdoor events nowadays. The newest trend in immersive live events is the drive-thru experience. We are not talking about your recent trip to McDonalds, but rather a fully immersive themed experience where you never leave your car. These events are designed with the same visuals and approach a traditional in-person experience would have, but often at a much larger scale and with-in social distancing guidelines. Production companies and designers utilize our Rental Drapery, Scenic Elements, Print Services, and Custom Fabrication Services to help create these spaces. Drapery is used as décor, and to help mask and define spaces. Pipe and Base hardware is a quick, low cost way to set up drape. Print graphics help to navigate and inform attendees but are also widely used in designing these spaces well. The view from the backseat never looked so good.


What do these events all have in common? They are all supported by our diverse rental and custom product offerings, talented team of fabricators and professional installers. From quick. off-the-shelf, ready to ship rental drapery and décor, to custom elements and print services, we can deliver creative, brand and design driven solutions that will help make your event truly original. Need help setting up? We are here to help. Our installers will execute your look, while also following current social distance protocols. Reach out to your local Dazian office to get what you need for your next production.

So, as we all continue to learn, adjust and get creative with how to support and produce safe, socially distant events in a Covid-19 world, we are here to supply your production with the products and services you rely on. When you are ready to start planning your next outdoor event, or just have a question give us a call! We would love to work with you.

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