Stay 6 Feet Apart

The COVID19 Social Distancing Mantra

Author - Dazian


In the old days 6’ apart was measured by 2 arms lengths, 2 giant steps, 2 dogs from head to tail, and many other colloquial measurement criteria. So how do we follow CDC guidelines when we are around others? Enter Floor Graphics for Social Distancing.

Now, Floor Graphics are not new, they have been around for many years in Industrial plants, Transportation infrastructure, and Hospitals. They are used for safety messaging, high visibility warning, and directional signage. They are typically made from a high quality vinyl, printed, and then laminated to a textured film for long-term use and protection from heavy equipment and vehicles.

So the new kid on the block is Self Adhesive Floor Graphics for Social Distancing and directional signage in public spaces. Dazian’s Queuing Floor Graphics media has been engineered specifically for Social Distancing and directional messaging in indoor spaces. Made from anti-slip textured PVC on the face and an extra strength adhesive on the back, it can be moved to different locations in a venue as customer traffic warrants. The adhesive doesn’t stay on the floor but stays attached to the media when removed.

Why spend the extra money for permanent signage, when social distancing guidelines and pedestrian traffic flows constantly change and require new spacing configurations. Floor Graphics can also create humorous messaging and images to make social distancing a less frustrating experience while waiting in line, or knowing which aisle to walk through.

Our Queuing Floor Graphics media can be UV, Eco Solvent/Solvent, and Latex printed to achieve vibrant graphics and clear messaging.
Join the Queue of keeping everyone safe during Covid 19, by offering printed floor graphics made from Dazian’s superior print media. Watch the attached video on how easy it is to install and take up the printed Queuing media.

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