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Projecting imagery, videos, and stories onto a surface for a group of people to see isn’t anything new. It’s been around for decades. But here at Dazian we are taking a fresh look at it to provide you with the industry's best Projection Screens.

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Projecting imagery, videos, and stories onto a surface for a group of people to see isn’t anything new. It’s been around for decades. Just think back to the projectors your teachers used when you were in school.


Projections are a traditional visual aid for presentations and live camera feeds for venues of all sizes and functions. The only problem is that the method is in-fact traditional, and therefore boring, routine, and often unimpressive.


However, recent advancements in projection technologies, techniques, and applications have changed its relatively utilitarian roll to become the hot “new” design tool for creating extraordinary scenery and creative themed environments.


That’s because the new view on projections is that it’s not just what you project that matters, it’s what you project on.

Spoiler alert: it’s not the old school PVC or vinyl screens you’re used to seeing on a school wall. It’s actually fabric — polyester and nylon drapery fabric that can be sized and stretched to fit your unique projecting needs.


Of course those flat one-directional screens from school are great for some uses. But, when you’re inspired to create a large dimensional environment, utilizing multiple projectors and viewing angles, and when you don’t just want a projection screen but something that adds to the overall visual environment, you need a surface material that can execute your complex design while still delivering a high quality image. That’s where projecting fabric comes into the picture.


Traditional vinyl or PVC materials don’t typically travel well, nor do they store or install easily, not to mention the staggering costs involved. They’re useful for stable, long-term use, but don’t work well in temporary spaces, like events, conferences, trade shows, etc. Plus, these projection screens are easily scratched, creased, and cracked. And, they only offer a simple, flat surface for you to project on — nothing more.


But when you need something lightweight, cost-effective, and portable, choose fabric. Its versatility, durability, and wide-widths are why projection fabrics like celtic cloth and decoprint pearl have become the go-to material for many designers. Plus, projection fabrics can be utilized in more or less any shape, whether it’s flexibly curved to create complex visual displays, or simply mounted in more traditional frames. And, it fabrics can also be selected and customized based ambient light and specialty lighting to ensure the best quality color and picture in your projections.


The recent developments in projection technologies, and fresh perspectives on the approach to projection fabric, have also inspired new possibilities for designers in areas that, only just a few years ago, they would have shied away. Not long ago, anything “too techie” caused a fear that the physical technology would overwhelm or take away from the aesthetics of their design.


However, integrating interactive and projection-mapped décor in public spaces, hotel lobbies, exhibitions, and experiential marketing campaigns is growing massively in popularity. Designers have always enjoyed the decorative allure that fabric can create. However, with this latest design trend they are learning more about the technical and physical properties of projection fabric when it comes to creating these experiences.


“The combination of mapping capabilities in most media servers paired with the non-standard, non-rectangular shapes that are easily and inexpensively achieved using fabric projection surfaces has been a real game changer over the last couple years”. – Jeff Brown Co-owner of IED Event Visuals


At Dazian, our close-knit relationship with Technical Directors, Production Designers, and AV Companies has helped us improve our products and expand our line to offer the best projection fabrics in the industry today. From front or rear projection fabrics to sheer and scrim fabrics that create incredible visual effects, we have all the bases covered to ensure that your vision will be achieved.


Ready to transform your projection environment with something so much greater than traditional projection screens? Let’s chat about how we can incorporate projection fabric into your vision today.

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