Top Tips for Planning a Corporate Event in Las Vegas

Buzz around your event is one thing that happens in Vegas you don’t want to stay in Vegas, so create an unforgettable event with rental drapery magic.

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Las Vegas is consistently one of the top locations and destinations to host corporate events for many obvious reasons. It offers the ultimate mix of business and pleasure, with more than three million square feet of convention space for trade shows, meetings and conferences by day, and seemingly endless options for gambling, world-class dining, and entertainment by night.


When you’re planning an event in Las Vegas, regardless of if you pick the venue yourself or are attending a trade show or conference where an organization has selected the location for you, you have the opportunity to create a unique, memorable experience by working with creative vendors both on-site and off. Vegas is already full of lively event spaces, but with a little creativity and planning, you can use rental drapery to create something even more lively and memorable.


So, to begin creating the best Vegas event experience, start making plans as far in advance as possible — while space is plentiful, because the hottest venues book up quickly. Booking your space a year out is ideal, but give yourself minimally nine months out to start your planning. 


To help you get organized, here are important steps to plan an unforgettable event in fabulous Las Vegas.

1. Start where you stand.

Las Vegas is a city that offers pretty much anything you could imagine, so you can’t allow yourself to get caught up in all the excitement. Whether you’re launching an unforgettable custom designed experience or simply applying classic pipe & drape and ceiling treatment to an exhibit hall, you have to begin with the basics. Consider what you’re trying to achieve, and for whom. Keeping that in mind is the most important thing, and it will help you best manage budgets, timelines, locations, and vendors. 


Maybe you’re planning a single event that’s meant to be more impressive and intimate, like a corporate gala for donors designed to look elegant and worthy of their donations. That will certainly take you down a different path than if you were planning for a custom trade show booth experience that needs to be modular, affordable, and easy to transport.


Once you know what your goal is and who you’re catering to at your Vegas event, you’ll have a better idea about the atmosphere and ambiance you need to create, as well as what event rental vendors you should partner with to ensure your event goes smoothly.

2. Consider your location options.

Luckily, Las Vegas has a wide range of incredible event space options, both on and off the Strip. It’s a city built to entertain, so unlike some other cities you may deal with, you have plenty of options when choosing your event locations in Vegas.

Hotels like the Bellagio, The Venetian and The Luxor are classics, and you also have lots of new options, such as the Cosmopolitan Hotel and T-Mobile Arena, which has outdoor event space, too. Head off the Strip and you’ll find unique spaces like Meet Las Vegas and The Venue in downtown, The INDUSTRIAL event space in the Gateway District, and the Neon Museum.


There are countless event space options in Vegas. But, with all the flash of the city, it’s easy to think the space you want is out of your price range, so simply create the space you want in the location and price that works best for your budget.

3. Design the right atmosphere.

Vegas offers a lot of glitz and glamour, and venues know how important it is to give you the leeway to make an event space your own — especially with so many local event space options. So, see the full potential for your event by taking a close look at the existing amenities, style, and theme of the venue, and build from there. Remember, you’re dealing with “bring the party!” experts in Las Vegas, so there’s a good chance you can easily get started with the built-in appeal of any given venue.


The truth is, all you really need are “good bones” when it comes to creating the perfect environment for your event. Whether you want to bring the bling or convert a large space into an intimate meeting place, you can keep expenses low and impact high by renting the right touches.  


For example, fiber optic, incandescent, and LED star drops bring the wow factor, while modular elements, like LED halo tiles and framed circles can be used to shine a spotlight on a showcase. 


And, stunning, rich rental drapery, like satin, velvet or sheer voile come in a wide range of colors and make it simple, cost-effective, and efficient for you to totally transform any space, from a meeting room to a large exhibit area. Even a boring (or ugly) ceiling can instantly be transformed with luxuriously draped ceiling — a subtle yet dynamic way to transport your guests into another space.


Plus, the appeal goes beyond aesthetic, as rental drapery is a simple yet practical way to control acoustics and light, to create an intimate place to meet within a larger, open space like a booth, as well as to hide unsightly areas you want to keep out of the public view.


The important point is to not feel constrained by what the venue already has in place…or doesn’t have in place. Regardless of the location or existing amenities, you’ll want to dress up the space with rental drapery, signage, and modular scenic elements to make a unique impression on your guests.

4. Get the details.

Whether you’re planning your own Las Vegas event from scratch or are working with an organization for a tradeshow or conference, you need to be sure that you’ve got all the details necessary to start making the right decisions for your event and for your budget. 


All Las Vegas venues should all have downloadable floor plans and may even offer virtual tours, so you can wrap your head around a given space without having to travel there. Plus, many event rental experts, like Dazian, have worked in Vegas for years, so they can help you get started.

Getting insider information is crucial for staying on time and budget. Plus, it’s all the information you’ll need once you need to order pipe and drape, masking drapery, backdrops, rental furniture, lighting, scenic elements, and everything else you’ll need.


The following questions may be helpful when planning an event in Vegas:

  • Does the venue have its own catering services, and if so, are you limited to working only with them?
  • If the venue doesn’t offer catering services, does the specialist have any recommendations for top local choices?
  • Are there sound, light, or aesthetic considerations that will affect the ambiance of your space? (This will also help you understand if you need to rent drape to segment areas, block light and sound, or to mask aspects of the space.)
  • Is the venue ADA compliant and can they accommodate those with a disability? 
  • What are fire codes you need to be aware of, as they apply to your booth materials and to rental fabrics?
  • What are the requirements and regulations for labor? This applies to loading in and out of materials for your event. Drayage can be expensive, so this can help you estimate costs or choose a rental partner that offers these services.
  • If you’re planning on using any media, you’ll want to be sure you inquire about the venue’s A/V capabilities. Keep in mind that you can get creative with projection environments, and may want to consider renting more interesting materials to project images or messages on besides projection screens. 

5. Finalize your budget.

Once you have all the details of the space(s) you have to work with, the parameters of  your event(s) and an understanding of your audience and their needs, too, you can put together a detailed budget. Be sure to include line items on your budget for more room decor that isn’t normally included in venue pricing such as flower arrangements, drapery rentals (i.e. pipe and drape, velvet curtains, swagged ceilings, etc.), and lighting.

6. Get on site.

Plan to arrive at least a couple of days before your event to ensure all runs smoothly. It’s ideal to  do a walkthrough of your venue(s) to be sure you’re confirmed all details, including load in/load out, when your vendors can arrive for set up and any other last-minute details that you can think of. Make sure you have all of your vendor contracts readily available to be sure everyone is  scheduled at the exact right times, to avoid any mishaps or overage charges.

7. Relax & enjoy your fabulous Las Vegas event!

Pulling together an event in Las Vegas should be fun and stress-free. You need a professional team on your side to make sure your event isn’t just memorable…but unforgettable. For nearly two full centuries (that’s not a typo – centuries!) we’ve been setting the stage for show-stopping events. We help make fabulous not only a reality for you, but also a safe bet. Contact us for a quote on your Las Vegas drapery rental today!

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