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What Fabric and Design makes the Best Face Mask

Author - Dazian


Face Mask

The proliferation of non-medical, reusable Face Masks has created tremendous growth in both home sewing and commercial production. Reusable Masks are being made in all types of cotton and polyester fabrics, in solid colors, and white for fashion prints and corporate logos. Mask designs range from a simple expandable pattern with head or ear loops to one piece stretch masks.


Additional non-woven inserts to provide a transmission barrier have proved increasingly popular. All of these masks have certain deficiencies in breathability, comfort and protection. Up until now the perfect mask design and fabric hasn’t been discussed in the literature.
We thought we would list the key factors that our research has determined to be the most important properties for the best Face Mask and Fabric.


• Breathability
• Filtration
• Conforms to face
• Anti-Microbial Protection
• One size fits-all
• Comfort
• Snap Cooling technology
• Prevents fogging of glasses
• One-piece mask design
• Appearance
• Ease of donning and doffing
• Longevity

Taking the Mask Test

Take the Mask test. Check the boxes to see what your mask score is. Less than 9 items checked leads to an unhappy wearer and the search for another mask supplier.After analyzing these properties Dazian developed a mask fabric, called Micro Spacer that met all of these criteria and worked with Printers to develop a one piece stretch mask that requires no sewing.


Micro Spacer is a reusable Fabric engineered for non-medical Personal Protection Masks. It is a multilayer stretch fabric of 85% Polyester/15% Spandex with an Anti-Microbial finish that can be made into a one-piece mask design that stretches to conform to the face, with integrated earholes to pull around the ears. It has been engineered to cushion the face for comfort, while providing higher levels of filtration, with no edge curling and fraying that are characteristic of single ply stretch fabrics that have not been sewn.


There is a cooling effect on the face from adding a unique wicking finish with Snap Cooling technology that keeps the wearer cool for up to 2 hours. Micro Spacer has been designed for laser or dye cutting with no sewing required. It is available in White, or Black, and can be dye sub transfer printed for corporate logos, patterns, fashion looks, and branding statements. It is washable and meets the standard AATCC 100 test for anti-microbial protection.


So, when looking for the ideal Mask Fabric, ask for Micro Spacer. It’s the only fabric in the market that was developed just for Face Masks.


For more information, check our web site at www.dazian.com, or email us at info@dazian.com

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