Experiential Marking and Immersive Environments are physical spaces created to entertain and educate attendees through a multi-sensory experience. These activations are often held at large venues, arenas, festivals, and convention centers, to small creative studios and galleries. We work with designers, producers, production companies, fabricators, marketing agencies, and creators to develop fabric-based solutions to construct these creative experiences. We are here to support the needs of the project at any level. From providing rolls of fabric, rental drapery, to full on custom fabrication and installations.

Projection Screens & Surfaces
Custom Sewing Services
Fabric Structures
Fabric Ceiling Treatments
Wide Format Fabric Printing
Space Dividers
Blackout Panels & Curtains
Masking Drapery
Kabuki Drops
Sound Absorption Drapery
Curtain Track
Light Diffusion Panels

Product Launches
Brand Marketing Events
Theme Parks
Touring Exhibitions
Museums & Galleries
Trade Shows
Art Installations
Gaming Companies

Wendy MoMA PS1 | Art Installation E3 |Brand Marketing Event
Nike Flyknit | Brand Art Installation Moonspace | Art Installation

Immersive Environment

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