In business today, experience is king and queen. But as you know, that’s always been the case in the hospitality industry. That’s why, at Dazian, we take great pride in being on the frontier of new, fresh, and innovative interior design styles and trends to ensure you can always keep your guests happy, excited, and eager to come back. We do this by combining traditional architectural décor elements with theatrical lighting and custom solutions to create dramatic, arresting visual effects that inspire and encourage people to have a great, memorable time.

All Your Creative Fabric Needs, No Matter Your Venue

It doesn’t matter if your space is a restaurant, nightclub, lounge, casino, cruise ship, museum, aquarium, or hotel lobby, your guests will always expect to walk into a space that grabs them visually and emotionally. And we’re able to help you do exactly that. 


With an industry-leading inventory of fabric products, rental drapery, and modular scenic elements—along with our custom sewing, panels and backdrops, custom graphics, fabric structures, and LED lighting—we can turn any standard space into a dramatic, experiential, and entertaining space. Because of this ability, we are considered to be the pioneer of a new genre of visual theatre within hospitality spaces, and we look forward to helping you discover that.

Types of Hospitality Venues & Architectural Interiors

  • Hotels & Resorts 
  • Casinos 
  • Cruise Ships
  • Theme Parks
  • Nightclubs

Fabric Products & Services for Hospitality & Architectural Interiors

  • Print Media
  • Long Term & Short Term Rentals
  • Fabrics & Custom Fabrication
  • Delivery & Installation Services
  • Masking & Stage Draperies
  • Curtain Track & Kabuki Drops
  • Ceiling Treatments & Interior Tent Liners
  • Projection Fabrics 
  • Backdrops: Star Drops | Digitally Printed Backdrops | Theatrical Curtains
  • Canopies | Sails: Mesh | Tension Fabrics, Custom Fabrications, Fabrics (Coated Deauville Mesh, Acrobat, Trapeze and more) 
  • Stage Décor: Vector HD Tiles, Terrain Surfaces, Star Drops
  • Acoustical Drapery 
  • Scenic Elements
  • Acoustic Fabrics & Panels
  • Installation Art
  • Décor Elements 

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