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Save on your next Duvetyne (aka Commando Cloth) purchase with Dazian’s wide-ranging selection of this 100% cotton fabric. Available in a variety of weights and widths, this affordable yet efficient black masking fabric is ideal for scenery and set decoration, lighting and special effects, theatrical draperies, linings, and blackout curtains.

Want Duvetyne from the original fabric experts?

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Want Duvetyne from the original fabric experts?

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Best Selling Dazian Duvetyne

Here are just two of our must-have Duvetyne fabrics for light diffusion and masking. As the original Duvetyne (Commando Cloth) provider in the fabric industry, we have an extensive inventory of this black fabric—most popular for its various masking applications—available throughout the country. And, in limited quantities, we have rare white Duvetyne in stock for those looking to do something a little different with their set decoration. Explore all Duvetyne and Commando Cloth.

Enjoy the Benefits of Using Duvetyne fabric from Dazian:

  1. 01

    Competitive Prices:

    Get maximum value with the nearly unbeatable prices of our Duvetyne masking fabric

  2. 02

    Unparalleled Quality:

    Choose from our all-purpose, no frills production Duvetyne and studio fabrics.

  3. 03

    Unbelievable Variety:

    Discover our ever-growing range of black Duvetyne in different weights, widths, and functionalities.

  4. 04

    Unmatched Service:

    We provide delivery, installation, and a massive inventory stocked nationwide.

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Industries & Clients We Proudly Serve:

  • Audio Visual
  • Conventions & Convention Centers
  • Hotel & Ballroom Venues
  • Theatre and Stage Productions
  • Exhibit Companies
  • Event Rental Companies
  • Event Planners & Producers

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