60″ NFR Full Stop Ripstop

  • Reduces light output by a full stop.
  • Also known as “Grid Cloth” or “Silent Cloth”.
  • 100% Nylon | NFR | 60″W | 1.30oz. | Approx. Piece Size: 100yds.
  • Available In White Only

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Type Yards / Qty Cost
Cut / Qty < 100 $11.00
Piece / Qty> 100 $9.70
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Type Yards / Qty Cost
Cut / Qty < 100 $11.00
Piece / Qty> 100 $9.70

Additional information

Full Stop Ripstop is a durable lightweight fabric used to spread and smooth light used to illuminate an area, subject or product. Used to create framed light diffusion panels for indoor and outdoor photoshoots, film and television productions. Unlike others, our Full Stop Ripstop is silent, creating no noise when being handled or in windy conditions.

Care Info

Cold water wash only. Spot clean as needed with mild detergent and damp towel. Air dry.

Color Family White
Fabric Content 100% Nylon
Fire Rating NFR
Fire Spec NFR
Weight Lin 2.10oz.
Weight Sq 1.30oz.