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How does a 180-year-old Theatrical Textile company continue to evolve for almost two centuries? It’s simple. We listen to our customer’s needs. We pride ourselves on the trust and confidence that our clients expect from us to provide innovative Theatrical Fabrics and Custom Fabricated Drapery products, necessary for producing a successful project. They trust that we will deliver high quality craftsmanship, on time, every time.

However, we didn’t get here overnight. The Entertainment Industry is driven by the dynamics of new technologies, visual effects, unique aesthetics, and creative messaging. It constantly pushes us to be at the forefront of developing Specialty Fabrics and Creative Services to support the variety of designs, applications, trends, and budgets our clients are working with.

For many years the changing dynamics of the industry required us to become more than the leading Theatrical Fabric supplier. The solution was to open a world class Custom Drapery sewing room. From there we expanded into manufacturing custom fabric frames and structures, drapery hardware, grand format printing and installation services. We opened a Rental Division, providing stage and event drapery, hardware, scenic and décor products that all the markets we support can utilize to help bring their vision to life.

Today, we are proud to continue strengthening our reputation as the go-to company for providing Stage Drapery and creative Fabric based solutions. Our products are used on Film, Theatrical & Television Productions, Concert Tours, Award Shows, Special Events, Museum Exhibits, to creating contemporary Retail & Architectural Interiors. Know that when you work with Dazian you get a team of dedicated, talented, and experienced Fabric and Fabrication experts providing proven solutions and superior service.





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Immersive Environments


Trade Shows & Exhibitions




Star Drops


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Décor Curtains


Printed Backdrops


Cycs & Scrims


Fabric Projection Screens


Green Screens & Lighting



Carbonight 22 Milano Plus

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