2024 Wedding Drapery & Fabric Trends

Planning a wedding or orchestrating an event that sidesteps the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary requires a keen eye for detail, especially when setting the stage with drapery.

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Planning a wedding or orchestrating an event that sidesteps the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary requires a keen eye for detail, especially when setting the stage with drapery. For 2024, the trends for wedding drapery fabric and colors suggest a year of unmatched elegance and conscious celebration. Whether you’re an event planner, designer, or a bride-to-be dreaming up your perfect day, these insights into the latest trends will help you weave a visual tapestry that captivates and charms.

Luxe Velvet: Deep and Decadent

Say hello to the return of luxurious velvet, but not as you know it. We are redefining luxury and vibrancy with our signature Milano™ Plus, Panne, and Ice Velvet drapery.
We are veering away from traditional interpretations and towards a bold, vibrant palette, including newly added forest green, blush, and pearl colors. These synthetic Velvets are made with IFR Polyester, providing greater fabric density and a plush pile, bringing about deep, rich hues that lend an opulent touch to any setting. Milano™ Velvet fabrics are not just revered for their beauty but for their powerful light blocking and sound absorbency properties as well!

Sheer Elegance: Light and Airy Ambiance

Imagine a fairy-tale setting with sheer drapery in pastel shades like violet, sage, and lemonade, creating an ethereal quality that brings impeccable charm to wedding decor. NuVoile Plus, a soft, light-catching, wide-width French Voile available in various colors, can transform any space into a magical backdrop. This fabric not only catches the gentlest of breezes but also plays beautifully with lighting, thus crafting an enchanting scene.


For those looking for an added element of elegance, consider incorporating Taipei Silk, which offers the look of natural silk while being made of 100% Polyester. It’s ideal for ceiling treatments, drapery, and tablecloths, enhancing the quintessential romantic ambiance for weddings. And don’t forget Strie Satin II, a fabric that maintains a soft drape and hand but is denser and heavier than traditional satin. It offers a smooth, elegant luster, and the reverse side provides a more matte finish, making it usable on both sides. This satin drapery is ideal for stage & event drapery, set dressing, and scenic applications, ensuring a picture-perfect setting for unforgettable moments. With strategic use of these luxurious fabrics with perfectly planned lighting, you can create a whimsical, dreamy environment, ideal for saying “I do.”

Sustainable Style: Ethically Sourced Décor

Our collection of ethically sourced fabrics is perfect for the conscious couple seeking to design an eco-friendly wedding. Make a statement and set the scene with these green fabrics that will make an impression on your big day, not the environment.


Pillows are a fun, cost-effective, and customizable element to enhance your event furniture! Revert™ Celtic Cloth Heavyweight is crafted from 100% Biodegradable Huvis Ecoen Polyester Fiber. This revolutionary new fabric performs the same as the traditional, delivering soft, huggable printed pillows!
Planning an outdoor wedding? Give your guests the gift of shade with our Evoke™ Deauville Mesh and Evoke™ Trapeze® Plus, which are excellent for creating temporary outdoor canopies! These fabrics not only keep the wedding party cool but also offer exceptional natural light diffusion, a must for capturing photos, providing even, soft lighting throughout the space.
No wedding is complete without the soft touch of drapery! From defining the event space size and shape to hanging as accent décor, renting drapery is a great way to implement mindful, sustainable practices for your big day. Rental Drapery can, on average, be reused up to 15 times and altered and repaired as needed. As a drapery manufacturer and supplier of fabrics, we ensure no yard of usable fabric goes to waste!

Metallic Accents: A Touch of Glamour

For those with a penchant for modernity, our Event Drapery and Décor brings metallic drapery accents in gold and silver to the forefront of event design. These shimmering touches add a layer of glamour and serve as dynamic elements that catch the light, adding movement and life to the decor.
Imagine the sleek, sophisticated touch of metallic drapery now intertwined with the sparkling allure of beaded curtains. These beads, sculpted from 100% Acrylic and boasting a Non-Flammable Rating (NFR), introduce a new layer of texture and elegance. Employed sparingly or extravagantly, our metallic accents can elevate your event’s overall aesthetic, seamlessly blending with other trends to craft a contemporary and timeless look.

The Fabric Finale

The fabrics and colors you choose paint a picture for your wedding, weaving together a love story expressed through textures, tones, and light. Be it the opulent touch of Milano™ Velvet for your drapery, the tranquil allure of sustainable Evoke™ Deauville Mesh for your reception canopy, the fanciful charm of NuVoile Plus sheers for your ceiling treatment, or the modern twist of Strie Satin accents for your table runners, there are numerous choices to dress your wedding in elegance. Looking for that signature touch that will truly amaze your bride-to-be? Turn to our team of talented fabricators and installers to bring your design to reality. We won’t leave you at the altar; we are with you all the way through the big day to ensure your wedding is a success!

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