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How Track & Drape Are Shaping Up Large Venues

Author - Dazian


One great difficulty many businesses and industries faced over the past year was how to adapt or scale to survive under challenging conditions. Restaurants and Shops found ways to still serve customers by implementing capacity limitations and safety measures. But what about those large event venues, sporting arenas, and stadiums that have been sitting virtually empty for months? How can they transform their space to attract the types of events they can host, and support the number of attendees they are allowed? How do you modify a multi-level, 20,000-seat venue that can evolve with the rapidly changing social distancing guidelines and still deliver the experience entertainers and audiences expect? Simple. Drape.


Across the county these large venues are turning to Contractors, Architects, and Interior Designers to develop easy to use, cost effective solutions that allow them to section off areas of the arena to accommodate nearly any type of event and occupancy. By strategically placing theatrical track and drape, these venues can mask off unused areas to create the perfect size space.

Our 22oz and 25oz IFR Carbonight Velour provides the blackout and acoustic properties sought-after to create these customizable spaces. As not all venues are alike, we fabricate drapery to every project’s specification. We also provide the track necessary to help quickly mask areas that are not in-use. When these drapes are closed, they help to absorb sound, reducing unwanted reverberation and echoing coming from the unused sections. The blackout feature blocks light from spilling into and out of the active space. Not only do these drapes provide a technical function but they also deliver on esthetics as well. They create an atmosphere suitable for the audience size, masking the empty and unused areas creates the illusion of a more intimate space. Many are also choosing to use these drapes to enhance the interior by printing colorful graphics, textures, and logos directly to the fabric.


Like many businesses, these large venues found a way to reshape themselves to stay open by utilizing traditional theatrical drape and track to scale and attract nearly any event.

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