Acoustical Drapery In The Entertainment Industry

How Sound Can Make Or Break The Experience.

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When it comes to creating a dynamic and immersive experience, every detail counts. One element that can make a huge impact is sound control. While traditional masking drapes are still commonly used in many productions, acoustical drapery offers unique benefits that can enhance the overall quality of sound and improve the audience’s experience. In this blog, we will explore the many advantages of implementing acoustical drapery.

Improved Sound Quality: One of the most notable benefits of acoustical drapery is its ability to improve sound quality. Its sound-absorbing capabilities reduce echo and sound reflection, making it easier for performers to be heard clearly and ensuring that the audience receives an optimal listening experience. This is particularly important in large venues where sound can easily get lost or distorted, creating a less-than-ideal experience for the audience.

Working on Live Corporate General Sessions and Keynotes, sound control in the house is very important. We have to take into account, catering, basic hotel maintenance and AV, and deliveries in the service hallways. The use of Acoustic Drapery on and off stage is critical to the overall sound quality the in-person audience experiences, to the audio that is being captured for streaming and in the use of various digital content.
Jeff Brown | Technical Director

Customization: Selecting the best fabric and drapery construction is a balance between achieving the right aesthetics and technical performance for the space. Acoustic Drapery Fabrics are typically made from 100% IFR Polyester and come in various weights, widths and colors to choose from. Carbonight™ Plus is printable, a great way to add texture, logos, or patterns for designers who want to incorporate visual elements into their designs while still maintaining effective sound absorbency.

Eco-Friendly: Acoustical drapery can also offer energy-saving benefits, as it helps to regulate temperature and reduce the need for heating and cooling systems. Its insulation properties make it an eco-friendly choice for theater companies and production studios who want to reduce their environmental impact. Using a sustainable drapery fabric such as Evoke™ Milano™ Velvet Plus which is made from 100% GRS 4.0 Certified Recycled Polyester Fiber instead of non-recycled fabrics is another way to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Durability: Unlike traditional residential or decorative curtains that are made from lightweight fabrics, acoustical drapery is incredibly durable and long-lasting made from medium to heavyweight fabrics and robust components and industrial sewing practices. This is particularly important for production companies, theatres, studios, and arenas who expect these drapes to perform and last for many years.

Cost-Effective: While acoustical drapery may require a higher upfront investment when compared to other draperies, it is a cost-effective solution in the long run. Its energy-saving and sound absorption capabilities can help to reduce ongoing maintenance costs and improve the overall performance of productions. Reducing the possibility of capturing unwanted exterior noise, limited time in post-production to fix.

Testing & Certifications: Many acoustical fabrics are rated with NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) and SAA (Sound Absorption Average). These tests were conducted under strict ASTM conditions. This data will help you in selecting the right fabric for your project. Along with sound data, fire safety is just as important. We recommend only using IFR fabrics that at a minimum are rated NFPA 701 and CA 1237Sm (CA Title 19). All venues, cities, and states have specific requirements for flame retardancy, check before you order.

Acoustical drapery is a valuable component in creating an engaging and memorable production. With its ability to enhance sound quality, versatility, energy efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness, it is becoming an increasingly popular choice for set designers, architects, technicians, and set decorators throughout many sectors of the entertainment industry. By considering these benefits, and making the switch to acoustical drapery, production companies can improve the overall quality of their productions and provide an unforgettable experience for their audiences.

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