Anti-Microbial Fabrics – The New Standard for Personal Hygiene

Why Anti-Microbial Fabrics?

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Why Anti-Microbial Fabrics?

The COVID 19 crisis has elevated the meaning of Health, Safety, and Prevention as the new mantra for both social and work environments. In view of the current Pandemic, people’s fears and concerns about their personal well-being have become the focus of attention. Furthermore, we believe that one’s health and basic hygienic protection will be an ongoing requirement in both in the current crisis and for the long term.

How Do Anti-Microbial Fabrics Protect Me

Anti-Microbial fabrics are designed to disinfect pathogens that cause bacterial and fungal infections. Unlike many viruses that have a limited transmission life, bacteria, mold, and fungus continue to grow and spread on porous surfaces such as textiles. Anti-Microbial treatments kill the pathogens on contact.

Anti-Microbial products cannot directly protect you against certain viruses like COVID 19 but they make a considerable contribution to hygiene management by effectively fighting COVID 19 disease by addressing co-bacterial infections that are created from a weakened immune system. In hospitals and doctor’s offices in particular, additional measures to improve hygiene standards are therefore very useful in order to reduce the double exposure to viruses, bacteria and fungi.

A recent survey of COVID 19 patients released from hospitals in Italy found that over 20% of them left the hospital with bacterial infections.

There have been a number of studies that the Corona virus can live on hard surfaces for a maximum of 4 days. Fabric with its soft, porous surfaces may actually prevent the spread of the virus due to the entanglement in the fibers and removing moisture from the air.

All Anti- Microbial fabrics must be tested to AATCC 100, the industry standard for “Anti-Microbial Finishes on Fabric”. Dazian’s SafeSpaceTM line of Anti-Microbial Fabrics achieves the highest level of protection at 99.9% efficacy. Our Fabrics can be laundered a minimum of 20 times without losing anti-microbial protection. Test certificates are available upon request.

Where Should Anti-Microbial Fabrics Be Used

The workplace is becoming the next challenge for companies in protecting their employees. Social distancing will need to be supplemented with fabric panels and drapery that provide added protection. The same holds true for social and business event spaces as larger groups begin to congregate. Transmission barriers for retail and hospitality businesses have become a prerequisite for managing crowds and maintaining safety standards.

Dazian’s innovative SafeSpaceTM line of Anti-Microbial fabrics has been created for Digital Printing and Drapery. We are now offering this feature on our most widely used Fabric constructions. Digital Printing provides unlimited Design and Branding options for clients. These products are recommended to be used for PPEs, including face masks, interior space applications for social distancing, such as work partitions, room dividers, SEG frames, pop-up and tubular frames, soft signage, table throws, trade show booth dividers, event and exhibit drapery.

The Marketing Challenge

Anti-Microbial fabrics are game changers for the paradigm of Fabrics and Finished Products being only a decorative, visual, and messaging vehicle to becoming a socially responsible and protective vehicle as well. This added level of personal and social safety comes at only a very modest additional cost to the printer and client.

It is important to focus one’s marketing efforts on emphasizing to clients that their prized Brands can be enhanced by products that both affirm their social responsibility, while protecting the health and wellbeing of the individual and their families.

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