How to Turn Any Venue Into the Dream Modern Wedding

No matter the venue, host a reception your friends and family won’t stop talking about



Whether you’re planning your own wedding or helping someone else plan theirs, there’s a few new “must haves” that’ll make the ceremony—and the reception—unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before..


As Millennials grow into the marital generation, much of what was expected of a wedding has changed. There’s now a sincere appetite for smaller, more intimate ceremonies with larger, more casual receptions, as well as a growing trend of themed weddings that better complement the personalities of the bride and groom. And perhaps most interesting, with a cultural shift towards experiences, more couples are choosing to host receptions at more cost-effective locations in order to put more of their money towards their honeymoon.


So, let’s talk about how you can turn any venue—whether it’s a local activity center or your parents’ backyard—into an incredibly unique and beautiful reception that’ll set the gold standard among your friends.

I love the use of sheer and voiles in spaces with high ceilings. The use of drapery not only provides a romantic & soft atmosphere but makes any venue feel more elegant & upscale.
Jasmin Oeztelli, Dazian Account Manager

It All Starts with the Entrance

An often forgotten aspect of receptions—and really most events—is the importance of an entrance. A good entrance sets the atmosphere for the rest of the night. You want to create a gateway that subconsciously tells your guests, “Leave the outside world behind you.” To do this, you can decorate a hallway with beautiful drapery—solid color or textured, depending on the theme, or, if your reception is outdoors, create the hallway. With simple, standard drapery hardware  and Dazian fabrics, you can design an entrance that will help channel your guests into the ultimate reception experience. And if you’re looking for something with more complexity or a different look, try using some decorative patterned tiles to add depth and dimension to your look —while also creating a new background to take photos against.

Dazian provides a wide variety of backgrounds to match any wedding’s theme.

Enhancing Your Reception Experience with Dazian Backdrops

Once the guests are in, what will they do? While you can have plenty of food prepared and dancing planned, a modern must-have is the photo booth. Luckily, these can be as simple or extravagant as you’d like, but the two basic requirements are props and a background. The props can be anything: little masks, hats, bouquets, mustaches, anything specific to the theme. But the background can be tricky. You want something with a quick set up and take down time, but fun enough that guests have a reason to take pictures there. The answer? A Dazian backdrop using drapery or decorative curtains.

With a simple drapery hardware to hang the fabric from, you can get a versatile look for any occasion thanks to Dazian’s different options for colors and textures, patterns, and any  combination of layering. You can even have a printed fabric with whatever you’d like on it—including your wedding hashtag, of course.

I love the use of white and champagne sheer Voiles for wedding receptions, it looks amazing when used on pipe and drape backdrops and ceiling treatments. When sheers are used with lighting it creates stunning effects. This is an excellent draping material that is transparent and durable.
Evan Kushner, Dazian Sales Executive

Adding a Digital Touch to Your Reception

These days, you can’t go wrong with adding a digital experience to your reception. You might want to have a slideshow of you and your significant other, your friends might want to display some touching (or embarrassing) remarks, or maybe you just really want to add a special flare. Regardless of what you’re looking to project, viewing and showing the content to a room full of people, particularly when the venue chosen may not lend itself to it, can prove to be a challenge for most parties. However, with a simple frame and stretch fabric, you can project a video anywhere for an audience of any size, indoors or outdoors.

Use fabric to project images, video, and memories for the entire reception.

Let’s Make Your Wedding One-of-a-Kind

You may see a common theme, but that’s because one of the most versatile tools for any event is drapery and fabric. Whether you’re looking to simply complement a venue you’ve already chosen or you’re looking to completely transform another, Dazian’s robust selection of drapery, fabrics, and easy and durable frames are the answer. Contact us today, and together, let’s create a wedding and reception environment that will make memories last a lifetime for you, your loved one, and your guests.

Make an entrance using White Carbonite and White Nu-Voile.

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