Top 5 Must-Have Fabric Elements for this Year’s Festival Season

Summer music festivals are not just about the music; they’re kaleidoscopes of color, texture, and visual spectacle.

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Summer music festivals are not just about the music; they’re kaleidoscopes of color, texture, and visual spectacle. From the sprawling fields of Coachella to the mesmerizing wonderland of the Electric Daisy Carnival, fabric plays a quintessential role in transforming these venues into immersive, unforgettable realms. This post illuminates the top 5 fabric products that production designers, creative directors, stage designers, event planners, and all involved in the magic of festivals should have on their radar for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons.

#1 Throwing Shade | Canopies

Under the scorching sun, Canopies are a quick, cost-effective relief for your guests! Trapeze™ Plus and Evoke™ Deauville Mesh are great solutions for creating these temporary sun shelters. Trapeze™ Plus is available in 18 stunning colors and printable! While Evoke™ Deauville Mesh comes standard in Black and White, it is also printable and allows for wind and sound transmission. They not only offer protection from the elements but also a canvas for creativity, these materials are essential for crafting intimate, shaded nooks amidst the expanse of festival grounds.

#2 That’s So Graphic | Printed Fabric Graphics

Festival dynamism is often carried on the wings of visually striking, bespoke fabrics. Through state-of-the-art print services, artists and designers wield the power to create custom-printed fabric graphics that court the imagination and bring thematic concepts to life.


These printed fabric graphics are utilized to create everything from structure facades, truss covers, signage, and brand activation design/decor, to stage backdrops, curtains, and scenery. As North America’s leading provider of Fabric Print Media, we offer a wide variety of FR Fabrics that are used to create these elements.

#3 Curtain Call! | Stage, Masking, and Decor

The alchemy of live performance is significantly influenced by what’s seen and unseen. Curtains are utilized for a wide variety of purposes. From masking and concealing performers and sections, partitioning and creating spaces, to decorating and transforming venues. Curtains are an essential design tool for any event.


Selecting the right fabric for the application is critical in achieving the desired outcome. Milano® Velvet Plus is valued for its rich color selection, light blocking, and sound absorption properties. While, NuVoile Plus delivers a soft, elegant translucent effect. The construction of the curtain is just as critical to its performance and installation. Dazian offers a variety of FR prefabricated Rental Drapery as well as Custom Sewing Services to meet your project’s needs.

#4 Project Your Creativity | ProjecTex® Projection Fabrics

In the quest to transcend the ordinary, Projection Fabrics emerge as gateways from traditional applications to creating extraordinary immersive spaces and effects. ProjecTex® offers a collection of wide-width, FR fabrics that serve as canvases for light, color, and motion, making every surface and structure an opportunity for story and illusion. From translucent fabrics for creating special effects, to stretch fabrics for dimensional tension structures for projection mapping applications, ProjecTex® is a carefully curated line of fabrics that designers, technical directors, and artists turn to for delivering high-impact projected scenery.

#5 Eco-Fest | Sustainable Fabric Solutions

With an increasing emphasis on implementing sustainable products and practices in live events, festivals, and concerts are no exception. Artists, Producers to Production Designers are turning to eco-conscious alternatives and implementing measures without sacrificing creativity. Sustainable Fabric brands such as Evoke™ and Revert™ pave the way for responsible design, in alignment with the environmental ethos of our times.


Evoke™ and Revert™ products offer fabric styles that create everything from printed signage, backdrops, and canopies, to stage curtains, projection screens, and truss covers. Evoke™ fabrics are made from 100% GRS 4.0 certified recycled Polyester Fiber produced from post-consumer plastic waste, while Revert™ fabrics are made from 100% biodegradable Huvis Ecoen Polyester Fiber.

Going green has never been easier with our line of Sustainable Fabric Solutions!


The fabric of a festival is, quite literally, fabric. Beyond mere materials, these elements are chapters of a larger narrative, each contributing its unique texture to the tapestry of experience that defines summer festivals. From the cooling oasis crafted by Canopy Shades to the digital dreams woven by Projection Fabrics, these trends offer a glimpse into the boundless possibilities for festival design. It’s a reminder that with the right materials, visionaries in the festival world can continue to enchant, surprise, and inspire audiences in the many summers to come.

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