Roll Drop

  • High-Speed Roll Drop w/9′ Drum
  • Ideal for projection screens, reveals, large print graphics, and partitioning spaces.
  • 6 Channels | DMX Control | 5 PIN DMX Cable Required
  • Unit Dims: 112″W X 17 1/2″H X 12 1/2″D | 120 lbs. w/o Fabric
  • Drum Size: 9’W X 26″ Dia. w/2″ Velcro Hook
  • On-Board LCD Menu Display
  • Max Lift High: 59’H | Max Lift Capacity: 75 lbs.
  • Lifting Speed: 2″ – 40″ Per Second
  • Bottom Pocket Pipe Provided (one per unit)
  • All Fabric Drops Are Custom Fabricated – Not Included.
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Additional information

The Wahlberg 249 High-Speed Roll Drop offers the latest in Roll Drop technology with smoother, more reliable speed control and precise height positioning. Easy to operate and install, these Roll Drops come fully assembled and ready to hang using the provided pipe clamps mounted at the top. Fully DMX Controlled, 5 PIN cable is required, daisy-chain multiple units together to act as one or address them individually.

We custom fabricate your Roll Drop screen to your height requirements. We offer Scrims, Blackout Front Projection, Backlit/Rear Projection, Velour, and more. We are happy to help you with selecting the right fabric for your project! Roll Drops are a great way to reveal a product or performer, divide a space, projection surfaces, or display large print graphics for sporting events, exhibitions, special events, tour/stage productions, and trade shows. Please contact us with any questions.

For system information please see the above downloads.


Recommended Roll Drop Fabrics
Celtic Cloth Black Back  White Front with a Black Blackout Coating. This fabric is ideal for Front Projection, Printed Graphics, and Blackout Shades.
Celtic Cloth Grey Back BW  This uncoated, soft knit fabric has a bright white face with a light-blocking grey backside. Ideal for Front Projection and Printed Graphics.
Recycled Deauville Mesh  A small hole mesh that allows for sound and wind to pass through. Not as opaque as Sharkstooth Scrim. Great for Front or Rear Projection, Printed Graphics, and Light Diffusion. Available In Black & White.
 Selene  Med-weight Polyester fabric with an Acrylic Coating. Ideal for Front or Rear Projection, Light Diffusion, and Backlit Print Graphics.
Cotton Scenery Muslin  Used primarily for Cycloramas and Backdrops, this Med-weight Cotton Muslin can be used for Front or Rear Projection, and Printed Backdrops.
Poly Spun  This lightweight IFR Polyester Muslin comes in a variety of colors and is suitable for Front or Rear Projection.
Blackout Satin Wide  A wide-width Blackout Satin has the hand and sheen of a traditional satin with excellent light-blocking properties.
Janus  Used to mask and partition the interiors of Arenas & Stadiums, this triple-layered, light-blocking fabric has an identical front and back construction.
16oz. Duvetyne  Often referred to as Commando Cloth or Supercote, this wide-width cotton fabric has a matte finish and excellent blackout performance.